Oct. 2004 (Japan)
Good Design Award 2004

  • • In-dash 7" wide-screen color touch panel monitor: IVA-D300J
  • • 7" wide-screen ceiling-mounted color monitor: TMX-R705
  • • Box-type powered subwoofer: SWD-1600

Three Alpine products were selected by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization to receive the "2004 Good Design Award." This award was not received simply for beauty of appearance. Rather, the products were reviewed for their overall excellence, including performance, quality, safety, and other basic factors, as well as their quality life proposal.
The following points were evaluated for the award(from the judges' comments):

• In-Dash 7" Wide-Screen Color Touch Panel Monitor: IVA-D300J
Its neatly defined styling is beautiful, and with a high level of perfection. The PulseTouch panel, a new technology, is highly rated for the improvement it makes to safety from a driver-oriented perspective.

• 7" Wide-Screen Ceiling-mounted Color Monitor: TMX-R705
The monitor is inconspicuous when it is in its storage space. This concept is beautiful in that it gives the design a sense of oneness and uniformity. The stable switch design shows that U.S.A.bility was taken into consideration.

• Box-type Powered Subwoofer: SWD-1600
With a new concept that places the subwoofer in front, it goes well with the interior designs of minivans, its target. It wonderfully incorporates the formed values of persons in their thirties, the main users of minivans.