July 2005 (Australia)
Sound & Image Awards

"Category Winner"

  • Head Unit Under $1100
    ・CD head unit : CDA-9855R
  • In Car Amplifier of the Year 2005
    ・Power amplifier: MRV-F545
  • In Car Installation of the Year 2005
    ・Demo car: Type-X SS Ute

"Highly Recommended"

  • In-Car Innovation of the Year
    ・Control box: VPE-B211E
  • In-Car Head Unit over $1100
    ・DVD head unit: DVA-9965E
  • In-Car Product of the Year
    ・Mobile multimedia station: IVA-D310E
  • In-Car Subwoofer of the Year
    ・Subwoofer: SWR-1242D
  • In-Car Loudspeaker of the Year
    ・"DDLinear" speaker : DLX-F177

Two separate Alpine products and an Alpine demo car captured "Category Winner" prizes in the annual "Sound & Image Awards." The "Sound & Image awards" are conferred by a select association of large publishers in Australia whose focus is on consumer electronics and audio devices. The awards are highly coveted throughout the industry and Alpine is especially proud to have received this prize for four years running now ? gaining high evaluation for our high level installation technology as well as the operability and beautiful design of our products.