Mar. 2006 (U.S.A.)
Online Car Audio Competition (OCAC)

"CES Vehicle Competition - Winner"

  • ・Demo car: BMW 645i "Sinister 6"

Alpine of America's hugely popular BMW 645i "Sinister 6" demo car, recently on show at the January 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), was voted to the #1 spot in the Online Car Audio Competition at

The Online Car Audio Competition (OCAC) at is the first and only web-based car audio competition in the world and allows viewers of the site to submit their own installations and vote online. This year, conducted a CES Vehicle Competition version of the OCAC, specifically featuring the demo cars made by manufacturers at CES. The installations were ranked according to viewers' votes, and Alpine of America's BMW 645i demo car captured the number one position.

The Sinister 6 demo car is based on a revamped BMW 645i. Its A/V system is centered around the VehicleHub Pro VPA-B222 factory integration controller, which allows for full system upgrades with other Alpine components, while keeping the car's original factory system. The radically customized exterior of the car showcases the interior with an open roof, allowing free view of the components inside, and has a single seat in the center, with steering done electronically from a joystick. This stunning installation proved to be enormously popular as soon as it was debuted at CES. It's also going to make the rounds at various events throughout the U.S., so don't miss it!