2014 Grand Prize

July. 2014 (Japan)
“2014 Grand Prize”

Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun Car Accessory Award 2014

  • ・Big X Premium

Alpine’s dedicated vehicle navigation system, Big X Premium was awarded the Grand Prix, the top award in the Car Accessory Award 2014 sponsored by the Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun.
This year, in the 27th year this award has been offered, the screening committee selected and conferred awards reflecting the results of interview and questionnaire surveys of high volume auto product dealers concerning sales volume, product technical development strength, planning ability, ideas, uniqueness, etc.

The Big X Premium is a 10-inch large screen navigation system, which is the world’s largest for aftermarket sales. Users can enjoy map screen displays with a far wider range than former products, as well as dynamic TV and DVD images. While it had been considered impossible to install 9-inch or larger models, this dedicated design for specific vehicles means it can be beautifully installed. These points were also highly evaluated, earning this product the Grand Prix.

Moreover, its system expandability including RearVision monitors, cameras, and so on was also praised, and Alpine’s efforts to provide pleasant car life to each customer was recognized, earning it the Grand Prix, following Alpine Style, which won the award in 2012.

Big X Premium