Dec. 2015 (Japan)
Parenting Award 2015

"Rear Vision captures “Parenting Award 2015”"

Alpine’s Rear Vision was awarded the Parenting Award 2015 selected by the Parenting Media organization.
The Parenting Award, is an annual prize that honors trends related to child-rearing (people, goods, things) that have attracted attention this past year, and is intended to support parenting throughout the society in Japan by celebrating its achievements.

Below are some comments on highly rated points concerning Rear Vision:

  • - The product allows all family members raising children to spend pleasant times in their cars.
  • - Since the product features plasma cluster technology, it is gentle and harmless for children and makes the mother feel secure.
  • - The concept of creating and maintaining consistent, total design inside the vehicle also responds to the father’s desire to ride in a stylish car.

Alpine performs all activities including planning and development of products in order to achieve its aim of "realizing a pleasant car life for families with children." This goal has been highly evaluated for its contribution to society-wide efforts to support families raising children. Please click on the following link for details about Parenting Award 2015.

[Parenting Award 2015]