Oct. 2016 (Japan)
JIDA Design Museum Selection, Vol.18 2016

“2016 JIDA Design Museum Selection”

  • ・PXH12X-R-B 12.8 WXGA overhead monitor, featuring plasmacluster technology

The PXH12X-R-B 12.8 WXGA overhead monitor with plasmacluster technology has been selected for the JIDA Design Museum Selection, Vol. 18, by the Japan Industrial Designer’s Association (JIDA).


PXH12X-R-B 12.8 WXGA overhead monitor, featuring plasmacluster technology

The JIDA Museum Selection
With “aiming for a rich and beautiful life” as its theme, the JIDA Museum Selection has been instituted by the Japan Industrial Designer’s Association (JIDA) in order to select and honor high-quality products having industrial design that contributes to society. At the same time, the organization strives to collect and preserve these products for the edification of the next generation, providing cultural support for education, industry, and daily life. In this version, Vol. 18, a total of 47 products were selected (from a recommended collection of about 170), and specially chosen to receive these awards.

Product characteristics
As a result of a desire to make the inside of automobiles feel like second living rooms, Alpine designed this product to harmonize with the interior of automobiles and convey a feeling of luxury by considering even high-quality textures and lighting effects. In addition to enabling passengers sitting in the back seat of an automobile to enjoy high quality images on a large 12.8 inch screen, it also has a function that cleans and purifies the air inside the automobile.

Basis for selection
Designed to be a popular, mainstream model for general users, the product was given high evaluation for its stylish appearance that could result in it becoming a global standard.

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