Auto Sound Web Grand Prix 2017 Gold Award

Dec. 2017 (Japan)
Auto Sound Web Grand Prix 2017 Gold Award

Alpine won the Auto Sound Web Grand Prix 2017 Gold Award

Alpine has won the prestigious Gold Award at the Auto Sound Web Grand Prix 2017, sponsored by Auto Sound Web, which selects the most noteworthy product in the Car Audio market for 2017. The prize was awarded for the first time in two years since 2015, and the Big X series with its high sound quality enhancement technology was highly praised.

The primary criteria in the evaluation this year are listed below.

● Alpine's high-quality sound technology, cultivated steadily over the years, a model of aging model that introduced this know-how as well. The sound is so delicately nuanced that you can almost feel the particles of sound, the overall atmosphere of the studio in which the sound was recorded.

● The EX11Z in particular draws out the very best qualities of each speaker, no matter what speaker you use.

●The EX11Z’s high-quality sound is on a level with cutting-edge Home audio that opens up a new era, letting you fully enjoy high-quality audio without any uncomfortable sound.

For more details on evaluation of the Big X series from selected members, please visit the "Auto Sound Web Grand Prix 2017" website (in Japanese) at the link below.

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