Greeting from the President

Greetings from the Chairman and President

In order to provide our customers with pleasure and excitement through car electronics, Alpine is continuing to strive toward creating new values, as we have been doing since the company was founded in 1967.

The car electronics industry is now in an age of great structural change in response to the computerization of automobiles and the evolution of the automobile society. In this business environment, Alpine is now conducting VISION2020, which is a corporate vision and the target toward 2020. VISION2020 positions Alpine’s future image for 2020 as a “Mobile Media Innovation Company that provides an enjoyable car lifestyle,” and aims to make rapid progress as a company that creates new value for people and automobiles.

We believe that in order to achieve VISION2020 and to continue sustained growth after 2020, links with all stakeholders are essential. We aim to earn the trust of all our customers, shareholders, employees, and regional societies, to create new corporate values, and to become a company that is always attractive and admired, while fulfilling our responsibilities to the global environment and to society.

Nobuhiko Komeya

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