Environmentally Friendly Logistics

We seek product packaging and transportation that exert a low environmental load.

Eco-friendly logistics

To fight global warming, it is absolutely vital to reduce CO2 emissions in shipping parts and products. Of all types of shipping, air freight has the greatest environmental impact. At Alpine, we have planned our global production schedules and management improvements, and as part of this, we are transitioning from air freight to concentrated shipping using cargo ships. In particular, in fiscal 2016, we have seen a 48.6% reduction compared to fiscal 2013 in the amount we have shipped from Japan to overseas via air freight. Additionally, for domestic surface freight within each country by truck, we have concentrated our warehouses, shortened shipping routes, made use of shared shipping, and improved our load efficiency, all of which has contributed to reducing our energy consumption through shipping: within Japan, our domestic truck shipping CO2 emissions have seen a 9.1% reduction in fiscal 2016 compared to fiscal 2013.

Eco-friendly Packaging

At Alpine, we have worked to improve the structure and quality of materials used in our packaging in order to improve shipping efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. By making the packaging more compact for a product intended for a car maker, we were able to increase the number of units per carton from twenty to thirty-two, dramatically increasing the efficiency of shipping them. Additionally, by making our shipping pallets reusable, we have dramatically reduced the amount of scrap wood produced by disposing of shipping pallets.