To Our Shareholders and Investors

We view accountability to shareholders and investors and passing on of profits as matters of importance in terms of management.

Company Briefing for Individual Shareholders

Alpine held its second briefing for approximately 40 individual shareholders in October 2015. At the briefing, members of Alpine’s top management provided an overview of the business, our approaches for future growth, and the financial results for the first half of 2015. Following this, participants, Alpine executives and directors exchanged opinions about growth strategy and discussed the details of a new joint venture that was announced in July. After the briefing, participants visited a reproduction of the Alpine booth exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show. This was an outstanding opportunity not only for the individual shareholders to learn more about our business and products, but also for us to hear their frank opinions about the company and its products.
We strive to deepen our communication to maintain our status as a company that is friendly and attractive for shareholders.

Company briefing for individual shareholders

Company briefing for individual shareholders

Revitalizing the General Meeting of Shareholders

In order to stimulate discussions at the general meeting of shareholders, we are taking a series of actions, such as easy-to-understand video presentations of business results and displays of our products. Invitations to the general meeting of shareholders are sent out three weeks prior to the scheduled date (earlier than the legal requirement), so as to provide shareholders with enough time to examine the agenda. For prompt and fair disclosure to overseas institutional investors, we produce and send an English translation of the invitation, and post it on our web site as well.

Product Exhibition at the Shareholders' Meeting

Product Exhibition at the Shareholders' Meeting

Passing on of Profits to Shareholders and Investors

The basic policy at Alpine is to determine profit distribution considering a proper balance of passing on profits to shareholders, aggressive investment in R&amo;D and equipment to improve competitiveness and internal reserves for future business growth based on consolidated results. The year-end dividend for the year ending on March 31, 2017 was 15 yen per share. This brought the annual dividend per share to 30 yen.

Information Disclosure

We publish the Alpine Report, a shareholder newsletter, for investors in Japan in June and November, and publish an annual report for overseas investors detailing our achievements and financial standing. We also provide timely information by, for example, posting quarterly statements of accounts in both English and Japanese on our website.

At Alpine, we hold semi-annual briefings on financial results for securities analysts and institutional investors, wherein we discuss Alpine's business conditions, management policy, and growth strategy. Additionally, as the need arises, we also arrange opportunities for private discussions and observation for institutional investors. To help individual shareholders better understand our business and our products, we also hold informational meetings for individual shareholders.