Throughout Our Supply Chain

Alpine promote consideration for the global environment and the execution of social responsibilities throughout our entire supply chain.

Basic stance

Material Procurement Policy

Alpine obtains materials throughout the world in accordance with the Alpine Material Procurement Policy. Alpine recognizes the necessity of promoting CSR not only in its business activities, but also throughout its entire supply chain, and enhancing the fulfillment of social responsibility at each company in conforming to the Supply-Chain Development Guidebook established by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA). In 2016, Alpine added content regarding CSR to the agreement with suppliers, surveyed the status of supplier CSR efforts and added it as an evaluation criterion, and promoted further strengthening of CSR.

Results of 2016 State of Supplier CSR Survey

Domestic supplier survey 216 companies
Overseas supplier survey 212 companies

Alpine Material Procurement Policy

Alpine Material Procurement Policy

Green Procurement

Alpine requires all of our suppliers to conform to our Green Procurement Standards for the conservation of the global environment. We had already begun efforts to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), but in fiscal year 2017, we launched efforts to reduce greenhouse gases throughout our supply chain.

Compliance with the Law

Alpine and its suppliers observe the laws of each country, respect human rights and have eliminated discrimination in our hiring, and observe the prohibition of illegal or forced labor. We have also added the prohibition of unfair trade and elimination of antisocial forces to agreements with suppliers in both producing and shipping countries. Moreover, we continue to conduct surveys on the elimination of the use of conflict minerals.

Supplier Information Security Management

Alpine shares a common understanding with our suppliers that information management is an important issue, and via such means as information security education support and information management status investigations, we are working to raise the level of information management throughout our entire supply chain.
We conduct annual information security surveys to improve supplier information security, and carry out follow-up meetings with suppliers that need to make improvements to reduce information security risk.
In fiscal year 2016, we substantially expanded the number of suppliers surveyed, distributing questionnaires to a total of 210 suppliers and expanding the scope of information management.

Results of Final Evaluation Following Questionnaire Survey

Results of Final Evaluation Following Questionnaire Survey

Material Procurement Risk Management

In our global production, Alpine faces the risk of being impacted by a wide range of circumstances throughout the supply chain, including natural disasters, accidents, labor disputes and bankruptcy. We ascertain the final production area of the materials and parts supplied, conduct a risk analysis and work to prevent issues before they arise so that even in the event of a contingency our business activities can be continued.

Reduction of Environmental Load through Streamlined Logistics

Alpine collaborates with parts suppliers and group distribution companies to reduce the environmental load associated with our supply chain and cut costs. For example, we promote increased container load efficiency through improved packing methods for parts sent between facilities. We are also working on shortening the transportation time after local arrival through such means as reviewing the delivery routes to production facilities.


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Communication with Suppliers

At Alpine, we value coexistence and co-prosperity through trusting relationships, and are working to strengthen partnerships with our suppliers. We hold briefing sessions throughout the world to explain the current state of production and sales as well as announcing our material procurement policy, and commend suppliers who have contributed to quality, delivery date management, and cost improvements, in order to strengthen the supply chain.

Supplier Commendation

Supplier Commendation

FY2016 Briefing Session

FY2016 Briefing Session

Status of Briefing Sessions (2016)

Area Japan China U.S. Hungary
Number of Suppliers Attending 95 70 64 72
Number of Participants 228 136 116 121

Locally Led CSR Activities

Alpine Dalian Plant
Purchasing Dept.
Senior Manager

Cui Zhendong

he Alpine Dalian Plant is primarily engaged in the production of OEM models for the United States and Europe. In recent years, a new EV business in China was acquired, which has proportionally increased the items and quantities of purchased parts. At our plant, we are engaged in integrated production that includes forming and press parts and parts purchases that include raw materials. The members of our purchasing team engage in CSR activities together with our suppliers.