Our aim is to be a company trusted by customers and society. Alpine is committed to thorough compliance across the group with respect to laws, societal norms, and ethics.

Compliance Policy

As a member of the Alps Group, Alpine appeals to all its organizations and employees to make a concerted effort at all times to act responsibly and sensibly in line with the six action guidelines included in the Alps Group Compliance Charter with the aim of ensuring fair management in keeping with the principles of law, social requirements, and corporate ethical standards. Here we believe it to be important to go beyond the formalities of observing laws and rules by proactively taking appropriate action through an understanding of why those laws and rules are necessary, and what their purpose and significance are.

Alps Group Compliance Charter

Fundamental Philosophy

As a member of the global community, Alps is committed to displaying fairness in its corporate activities, as well as to taking responsible and sensible action in order that Alps may continue to develop with society while making valuable social contributions.

Action Guidelines

  1. Alps will abide by the laws and ordinances that govern its business and will ensure sensible behavior to avoid involvement in antisocial acts.
  2. Alps will respect foreign cultures and customs, and will contribute to local community development.
  3. Alps will aim for maximum product safety and quality while engaging in fair trade and competition with other companies, and maintaining strong ties with authorities.
  4. Alps will disclose information fairly to shareholders and other stakeholders.
  5. Alps will provide a safe and user-friendly workplace, and will respect the character and individuality of employees.
  6. Alps will endeavor to manage and use society's assets, including goods, money and information, in a suitable manner without displaying behavior that could be of disadvantage to society.

Compliance Structure

In accordance with the Alps Group Compliance Charter, Alpine incorporated basic rules into the Alpine Ethical and Legal Compliance Policy, which has been rolled out to all group companies, to ensure that employees act fairly and appropriately as members of society.
Regulations reflecting the laws of each country have been added at each location around the world to implement guidelines that bear closer relevance to daily actions. Additionally, internal media such as e-Learning and Legal News are utilized to actively spread specific legal knowledge and improve individual awareness.

Alpine Ethical Guidelines (Alpine’s 10 Commandments)

Person Personal Information Disclosure of personal information is prohibited.
Ban on Discrimination Violent force and language, sexual harassment, and discrimination are prohibited.
Object Product Safety Give due consideration to the safety and quality of products.
Environmental Concern Give due consideration to the natural environment.
Property Corporate Property Personal use of corporate property is prohibited.
Intellectual Property Violation of intellectual property of other organizations is prohibited.
Information Corporate Secret Personal use and disclosure of corporate secrets is prohibited.
Ban on Insider Trading Dealing of the company’s stock by the employees before disclosure of corporate information is prohibited.
Trading Fair Trade Comply with antitrust legislation and every law and rule.
Donations and Reception Receiving donations and reception beyond a reasonable extent is prohibited.

Ethics Hotline

Alpine has an internal whistleblowing system for all employees in Japan. Called the “Ethics Hotline,” employees can call for consultation on issues related to ethically questionable and illegal behavior. A whistleblower protection clause is included in our internal regulations. This system acts to help detect potential problems in advance and enable prompt resolution. Furthermore, Alpine is expanding this Ethics Hotline and other consultation systems at overseas bases in a manner suitable to the situation in each country. Currently, we have initiated the systems in major sales, development and production bases around the world.

Compliance Education

At Alpine, the legal affairs departments at each corporate center in Japan, the United States, Europe and China provide compliance education programs according to regional characteristics.

Fiscal Year 2016 Educational Programs

JAPAN Ethics education for engineers was carried out for new recruits. Contract management, antitrust law and human rights/harassment education was provided to new managers. Employees transferring overseas were made familiar with case studies by area (antitrust law, bribery, etc.). Antitrust law education was carried out for sales department personnel.
USA Legal compliance seminars were carried out for managerial personnel, and education regarding confidential information protection, prevention of third-party infringement on products and intellectual property, cross-cultural understanding, and human rights/harassment was carried out for employees.
Europe Seminars on antitrust law, anti-bribery law, and advanced confidential information protection were held for employees and managerial personnel.
China A seminar on the Anti-Monopoly Law was carried out for employees with the cooperation of local lawyers. Education regarding Alpine’s ethical perspective and legal compliance was carried out for new employees.

Compliance Audits

We engage in regular compliance audits as part of our internal audits at facilities in Japan and overseas. We do this as a means of checking the status of adherence to the compliance policy.
In fiscal year 2016, we visited six facilities in Japan and three facilities overseas and conducted activities to raise awareness by ascertaining the status of compliance and implementing educational programs.

Trade management

Exported cargo and technology provided to overseas companies are checked carefully to see whether legal restrictions apply using a database system. Moreover, we are thorough in the guidance provided to domestic subsidiaries on proper procedures and management related to exports. The Alpine Group as a whole works together to establish a compliance system that takes into account security export control.

Sharing the results of our efforts with the region

Alpine Electronics, Inc.
Manager, Compliance & Audit Office

Toshiki Sasage

At Alpine, we have accumulated experience in the area of compliance related to developing and implementing a system for ensuring compliance with corporate ethics, laws, social norms, and company rules as we conduct our business as a global company. In order to share this experience with the local community, we held talks on our efforts to raise ethical awareness among employees and maintain organizational compliance for the principals, vice principals and teachers of local elementary and junior high schools in July 2016 and February 2017.