Our Value-Increasing Value Chain


Engaging in dialog with customers to create value from the customer’s perspective

Alpine listens to feedback from our customers all over the world to deliver products and services that exceed their demands and expectations. Demonstrating our unique technical and planning capabilities, we aim to improve customer satisfaction and create new markets.

Participation in motor shows in various countries

Introducing Alpine to the masses

We participate in motor shows and electronics exhibitions all over the world, including Japan, North America, Europe, China and Asia. Visitors experience the latest products and services and Alpine’s technology, and it allows us to obtain unfiltered feedback from customers and gives us the opportunity to interact with automobile manufacturers.

Alpine Customized Cars

At Alpine, we offer proposals for specially customized one-of-a-kind cars to make the time our customers spend in their cars even better. To date, we have done interior designs optimized for each car model, based on our concept of “Alpine Style Premium Space Design,” but as of April of 2017, we now offer full-car Alpine Style customization, including the exterior. Our design concept combines “sporty, spartan (straightforward and sturdy), sharp, simple, and smart,” for elegant and sophisticated customized cars.

Research and Development

Cultivating core technologies and producing innovation in anticipation of the next-generation cockpit

We are working to strengthen the technical foundation that supports our highperformance and highly reliable products and establish new technologies that will cultivate new markets. We are further cultivating our core technologies and striving for innovation of on-board information equipment/systems.

Alpine’s R&D

Technical domains to lead the market: HEADS

Alpine has established technical domains in which to create advanced products and is promoting research and development in those areas.

Human Machine Interface Comfortable communication between humans and in-vehicle devices ・Driver friendliness・Big data utilization・Personalized HMI with server connection・In-vehicle high image quality display
Evaluation Integration of field evaluations and simulations ・Knowledge on in-vehicle device evaluation・Driver distraction assessment・High-confidence simulation
Acoustic Car acoustic specialists ・In-vehicle sound quality・Sound processing technology・Multiple information/sound tracks・Operation/action sound inside/outside of vehicle
Digital Media & Mechatronics Market-leading media/mechanism originality ・Integrating advanced media with in-vehicle devices・Advanced introduction of cloud service to in-vehicle devices・High quality mobile mechanism・Cost conscious mechanism
System Integration Multifunctional large-scale products ・Establishing safety culture・Improving quality management・Responding to demand for high quality per customer/market・Coordinating in-vehicle devices with vehicle itself・Catchup for V2X

Supporting safe and smart driving

Driving support system with rear camera

We are working on development of driving support systems based on rear cameras, which are becoming increasingly popular. We propose several features for different driving scenarios, including BSI (Blind Spot Information) to assist with lane changes on highways by alerting the driver of the presence of vehicles in their blind spot, LDW (Lane Departure Warning) to alert the driver to deviation from their lane and CTM (Cross Traffic Monitor) to assist with reverse parking in parking lots.

Design with Concern for the Environment

We developed the Layout-Free Speakers, which use features like low sound quality degradation even at wide angles and reductions in size and weight, to allow them to be installed anywhere inside a vehicle rather than in certain specific spots. These products retained their performance despite being made smaller and lighter, increasing vehicle interior layout flexibility and contributing to improved mileage. They have been adopted as an authorized dealer option for Honda's S660 convertible sports car.

The product installed in the headrests

The product installed in the headrests

Layout-Free Speaker

Layout-Free Speaker

Material Procurement

Partnering with suppliers all over the world in pursuit of high value-added parts

We seek to ensure the reliability required of our products and create never-beforeseen features. Alpine engages in global procurement activities while emphasizing proper quality and cost as well as the global environment and social responsibility.

Advanced development purchasing activities

Creating new products of optimal quality and cost

When developing new products that use new parts, our Purchasing Division, which is in charge of parts procurement, and our Engineering Division, which is in charge of design, coordinate their efforts. Putting together their respective knowledge and expertise, parts that offer a balance between quality and cost are selected to achieve the required functionality efficiently and with high reliability.

Holding business condition briefing sessions for suppliers in each region

Alpine works to st rengthen our partnerships with suppliers. We hold business condition briefing sessions in Japan, China, North America, and Europe. Top management explains the status of production and sales along with our purchasing policy in an effort to build relationships of trust.


Pursuing high-quality manufacturing while sticking close to local markets

Based on our basic policy of "Made In Market," Alpine has built a global production network consisting of the five regions of Japan, North America, Europe, China and Asia. Our product supply system reflects changes in market needs and demand in each region in a timely manner.

Evolving production network

Creating a new system linking people and information

In order to achieve manufacturing of higher quality and efficiency, Alpine is making efforts to further upgrade our production system. We are promoting the introduction of a production management system that enables more strategic and quicker management decisions while working to strengthen human resources development at each facility and global group collaboration in the aim of improving our competitiveness.

Reducing environmental impact throughout the supply chain

At Alpine, we have worked to improve the structure and quality of materials used in our packaging in order to improve shipping efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. By making the packaging more compact for a product intended for a car maker, we were able to increase the number of units per carton from twenty to thirty-two, dramatically increasing the efficiency of shipping them. Additionally, by making our shipping pallets reusable, we have dramatically reduced the amount of scrap wood produced by disposing of shipping pallets.


We deliver highly reliable products based on an evaluation system developed specifically for in-vehicle environments.

Field tests are conducted at our Evaluation Center and test courses to ensure stable operation and ease of use under harsh conditions, such as vibrations and impact during driving, sunshine and temperature changes. Our quality evaluation system is established based on the precious data from those tests and high precision analyses.

Our own definition of quality

For appealing quality that goes beyond customer expectations

Alpine defines the ideal product quality as “appealing quality.” Appealing quality refers not simply to the superiority or inferiority of product functions but to the characteristics of a product that allow customers to experience a thrill that surpasses satisfaction by providing value to their car life that exceeds their expectations. Alpine is committed to increasing the number of Alpine fans among our customers by delivering products that feature appealing quality.

Sharing serious quality problems group-wide

An Important Quality Characteristic Exhibit Room has been set up at the head office in Iwaki displaying a description of the incidents causing past quality problems, the actual items and feedback from the inconvenienced customer in order to prevent past quality problems from becoming an accepted occurrence. We have made training utilizing these exhibits mandatory for all employees. In addition, we are working on on-site exhibitions at group companies in charge of production and design, and expanding the scope of training.


Coming together as a company, sticking close to the customer and working to improve service from various angles

Alpine products are delivered to end users through various distributors and foreign and domestic automobile manufacturers. We work continually to improve the logistics of getting our products from our production plants into the hands of customers as well as after-sales support.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Comprehensive assessment of supply chain

Alpine surveys customer satisfaction with respect to various elements related to our supply chain, including quality, system supply capabilities, business speed and after-sales service. Measures to address issues that are revealed by the results of research are reflected in the medium-term plans of our divisions, and we regularly monitor progress on such efforts.

Deepening communication with customers

At our information center, we pursue customer satisfaction through interactive communication. Through the provision of new product and support information, we endeavor to continuously build relationships with registered customers. Additionally, we listen to customer requests, complaints and other opinions and provide feedback to the Product Planning Division as part of our efforts to further improve the appeal of our products.