Event Info

Feb.13 - 15, 2009

Osaka Auto Messe (Japan)

Popular demo cars at the Alpine booth

The smart fortwo cabrio mhd shown onstage

The X077 rear vision navigation system, a hit with families

Osaka Auto Messe 2009, a comprehensive custom auto event, was held at Intex Osaka from February 13 to 15, 2009. It attracted a total of about 230,000 visitors, right around the same number as the previous year?the crowds giving the exhibition venue an extremely exciting atmosphere.

On the heels of the Tokyo Auto Salon event, Alpine showcased its products on a stage displaying the smart fortwo cabrio mhd car equipped with made for iPodR audio components as standard equipment, and presented high-quality sound systems equipped with TOPVIEWR cameras, the X077 rear vision navigation system, and a PDX amp and DDLinear speaker in each corner. The area around the two demonstration cars was packed with enthusiastic visitors, enjoying the sights, sounds, and experience of Alpine’s latest products. The area featured an Alphard equipped with the TOPVIEWR multi camera system now under development, which will provide a 360-degree multi-angle view, and an ELGRAND equipped with a specialized game machine (Beena) which can be operated with the X077.