Event Info

Jan.7 - 10, 2010

International CES
(Consumer Electronics Show) (U.S.A.)

The INA-W900, which gained Innovations Awards

The highly popular product wall

TESLA Roadster demo car equipped with a sensing camera

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas, America, for four days from January 7 to 10, 2010. This show brings together more than 20,000 new products, and Alpine also introduced its own latest offerings, attracting the interest of many visitors.

Every day, numerous visitors came to the Alpine booth, which displayed many products centered around six of its newest components which have been awarded “Innovations Design and Engineering Awards,” including the easy-to-operate, all-in-one AVN INA-W900, with its high sound quality and high picture quality. An eye-catching product wall showed the new 2010 products on a single wall surface, and the visitors examined each one, delighted with their quality. Alpine also demonstrated its superior technological power at the popular corner of the booth where visitors were given explanations of iPod®/Bluetooth® compatible functions, sound systems, and other technologies.

Two demo cars, a Toyota Prius equipped with the TOPVIEWR® multi-camera, which allows drivers a total view around their car with the market’s first real overhead view, and a TESLA Roadstar equipped with a sensing camera, which recognizes obstructions in a rear camera image and issues a warning sound to alert the driver. These new products elicited both interest and praise from many visitors for the high level of innovation and convenience.