Event Info

July.22 - Aug.8, 2011

Indonesia International Motor Show 2011 (Indonesia)

Car audio exhibition corner

SKEV1 custom demo car

The Indonesia International Motor Show 2011 was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event was even more exciting than last year, attracting a total of approximately 320,000 visitors.

Alpine displayed drive assist products such as the INA-W900E navigation system, the HCE-C500 top view camera and the HCE-C300R active view camera, and the PXA-H800 processor, which achieves the highest in-car sound quality. Under the theme of “Driving Mobile Media Solutions,” we showed systems that support functional and comfortable driving, in addition to Alpine's high sound quality systems.

Two demo cars were shown inside the booth. One, the SKEV1 (Signal Kustom Electric Vehicle 1), which is a custom car based on the Honda Civic Genio and equipped with an INA-W900E navigation system and PDX digital amps, attracted visitors every day.
The other was the Honda Jazz, installed with components that deliver high sound quality including the PXA-H800 processor, letting visitors fully experience Alpine Sound.