Event Info

Feb.26 - 28, 2013

AAITF (China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair) (China)

Car by Car AVN Display Area showing models for different car models

MITSUOKA-HIMiKO demo car with large 10-inch screen

Visitors crowded to see products in the Alpine Booth

Asia’s largest automobile parts related event, the AAITF (formal name: China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair), was held in Guangzhou, China, for three days from February 26 to 28, 2013. This show, the largest in the history of the AAITF, was packed with more than 200,000 visitors in attendance.

The Alpine booth showed many attractive new products. The Car by Car AVN display area introduced ten AVN product models, each made for a different type of automobile. The shape of the face of each product is custom-designed to match the car in which it is installed, and all products can be beautifully installed just as if it was a factory installation. The Lexus CT200h demo car was equipped with the INE-CT947C AVN system, specifically developed for use in the CT200h, so visitors could see a beautiful installation with an elegant, luxurious feeling.

The INE-Z9310RT AVN system, with its 10-inch display—far larger than conventional 7-inch displays—was also exhibited. In addition to its large screen, the picture quality is also significantly improved. Installed to the MITSUOKA-HIMIKO demo car, it attracted visitors’ interest, by allowing them to experience the impressive presence of its large 10-inch screen, and enjoy its high-resolution images.

The all-in-one INE-W601C AVN with its 7-inch display was also exhibited. Equipped with icon registration matching to how it is used and a My Favorite function allowing customized layout, it is exceptionally convenient for families who share one car, since it can register customized information for up to two people.

Moreover, a BMW-X1 demo car equipped with Alpine’s premium sound system was also on display. This system, incorporating the advanced PXA-H800 sound processor, showed off Alpine’s superior technological power and convenience, providing the ultimate in sound quality yet maintaining the original factory audio system.