Event Info

Sep.19 - 29, 2013

Indonesia International Motor Show 2013 (Indonesia)

Toyota Vellfire equipped with the 7-inch AVN INE-W947E

“Play Big” product exhibit

Demo Car Mazda Biante equipped with the IVE-W530EBT

Alpine exhibited at the Indonesia International Motor Show held in Jakarta, Indonesia from September 19 to 29, 2013. This event, the largest motor show in Indonesia, featured 310 companies including 35 auto makers presented exhibits. This year’s show was larger than last year’s, with a total of 370,000 visitors attending the show.

At the Alpine Booth, the themes of the exhibits were “Play Big,” “Play Connected,” and “Play Strong.” Visitors to the Alpine Booth actually operated the products to personally experience the attractiveness and merits of the new products.

“Play Big” was the exhibition of AVN (Audio, Visual, Navigation) products including Perfect Fit kits, which enables the large 8-inch screen AVN INE-Z928 to be installed just as beautifully as a factory OEM system. “Play Connected” introduced models that expand personal listening pleasure through linkage with smartphones. Alpine attracted the interest of visitors with exhibits of the MirrorLink™ compatible ICS-X8, which allows operation of Smartphone applications on a connected Nokia or Samsung smartphone from the unit itself, and the IVE-W530EBT, which lets users enjoy music or video content from a connected iPhone® or iPod®. “Play Strong” exhibited systems combining amps, speakers, etc.—mainly with the CD head unit CDE-143EBT—demonstrating the quality sound that’s possible through Alpine.

Each theme had its own special demo car on display. The “Play Big” concept demo car was a Toyota Vellfire equipped with Alpine’s newest 7-inch AVN system, the INE-W947E. For “Play Connected,” a Mazda Biante equipped with an IVE-W530EBT as its center, also attracted great interest among visitors, including products which can linked to and enjoyed with smartphones. The demo car for the theme “Play Strong” was a Ford Fiesta, focused on the CDE-148EBT head unit, which is compatible with TuneIt™, an original application from Alpine that permits acoustic setting of the head unit from a smartphone.

All in all, a huge number of visitors were treated to the attractive features of each system.