Event Info

Jan. 6 - 9, 2015

International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) (U.S.A.)

Crowds of visitors at the Alpine booth.

Jeep Wrangler demo car equipped with a full Alpine system.

Exhibition of actual dashboards equipped with eight kinds of navigation systems.

Alpine presented an exhibition at the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas in the U.S. for four days from January 6 - 9, 2015. This year’s show was the 47th held, and was the largest-scale CES ever, with more than 3,600 companies exhibiting to over 170,000 visitors, far more than last year.

The Alpine Booth proposed Alpine’s unique car-life style by presenting the 9-inch and 8-inch Restyle Dash System for trucks or SUV, based on the concept “ALPINE RESTYLE,” introduced for the first time last year.

This year, it showed off the 9-inch X009 navigation system for trucks and SUV’s installed on actual dashboards, providing the beautiful experience of an installation matching the vehicle interior—possible only with a vehicle specific system.

A Jeep Wrangler demo car was surrounded by a steady stream visitors attracted by its depiction of a companion life style, featuring not only a system centered around the new product, the X009-WRA, but including a surf board rack, and wheels and tires with the image of the rustic California coast.

The GMC Sierra pickup truck was equipped with the new X009-GM2 and a complete sound system. The exhibit had high impact thanks to a big panel portraying the life style of a potential owner.

Furthermore, an exhibit mounted on the dash board of a Toyota RAV-4 showed off the 8-inch Restyle System including rear seat entertainment and camera—a system including speakers, amps, and sub-woofers of two new CD head unit products, and the in-dash iLX-007 receiver that is compatible with Apple’s hot, new CarPlay system. The exhibit and also introduced the unique Alpine Head Phone, that is already on sale in North America and Canada, which provides vibration to let users actually feel the heavy bass sound.

Also, vehicle specific systems now sold globally in Alpine’s post-purchase market were shown off in grand style at this CES, where every day, the Alpine Booth was crowded with the many visitors who came to experience it.