Event Info

Jan.5 – 8, 2017

International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) (U.S.A.)

The waterproof X209-WRA, specifically designed for the Jeep Wrangler, won in the CES Innovation Awards.

Jeep Wrangler demo car equipped with the car-specific model X209-WRA and ICE.

VDodge Durango demo car with 32-speaker system installed.

The world’s largest consumer electronic exhibition, the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 was held for four days from January 5 to January 8, 2017, in Las Vegas in the U.S. This year marked the fiftieth CES, and as at last year’s show, 3,800 companies exhibited. Moreover, every day the venue thronged with visitors: a total of 177,000 people attended, including more than 55,000 from outside the U.S.

Alpine exhibited its products in two different areas. The first, the After-market Area, was divided into two zones: the “Alpine Restyle” car-specific product category offered in the U.S., and “Universal Products,” which includes AVN/AV units, amps, speakers, etc. In the Sound Area, a Dodge Durango demo car and high-resolution sound system demonstration equipment were introduced.

In the “Alpine Restyle” zone, visitors’ attention was centered on models compatible with Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto Compatibility, in a car-specific installation for the Jeep Wrangler. This model features waterproof specifications, and assuming that it will be used in cars with open tops and subject to direct sunlight shining on its screen, it is equipped with a new, high-visibility display. Moreover, we are proud to announce that this unit, the X209-WRA, was a prize winner in the CES Innovation Awards.

Two demo-cars were exhibited, a Jeep Wrangler demo car equipped with this product, and ICE that permits enjoyment of sound with a cooler box, and a GM Silverado equipped with the same ICE and with a model-dedicated ANV, the X110-SLV.

The Universal Zone also exhibited the industry’s first wireless CarPlay compatible head unit, the iLX-107. As wireless that does not require a conventional lightning cable, it attracted the keen interest of both visitors and the press. This iLX-107 was a prize winner in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video division of the CES Innovation Awards.

In the second area, the Sound Area, panels introduced the Alpine Original sound concept with past representative systems, etc., and demo cars were displayed, showcasing the Alpine sound. Every day many visitors asked to listen to the Dodge Durango demo car, equipped with a 32-speaker system, and to personally experience the high-resolution sound system components. They were excited by its sound quality and power.

Both the After Market Area and the Sound Area were thronged with many visitors every day.