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Announcement of the first Conference for Individual Shareholders

Alpine held the first Conference for Individual Shareholders at Hotel Sun Route Ariake in Tokyo on Saturday, November 23. About fifty shareholders attended the conference.

During the conference, Mr.Usami, President & CEO, explained an outline of the business of Alpine, including a commitment to product quality, a policy of returning profits to shareholders, and so on.
The shareholders asked questions and expressed their opinions on Alpine’s future strategy, returning profits to shareholders, etc. It was a good opportunity to exchange opinions with Alpine executives.
After the conference ended, they were guided to the Alpine Booth at the Tokyo Motor Show to deepen their understanding of Alpine activities.

According to the questionnaires of the conference, the Shareholders expressed extremely positive opinions, such as "It was a great opportunity to understand Alpine and I was able to understand the history and the philosophy of the company." and "I will definitely attend next time."
Alpine will continue to be a company to strengthen IR activities for individual shareholders.